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2020 IBF Enrollment Agreement

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Enrollment Agreement

The Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) agrees to provide current materials and student services that the student will need to complete the program selected on this agreement. Student agrees to study diligently and to pursue course completion within one year of this agreement. When student passes all examinations, submits all necessary documents and pays all fees and charges, IBF promises to award any certificates or diplomas as described in the current IBF catalog.

Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

As a student of IBF you are guaranteed all of the rights, privileges and freedom granted to every U.S. citizen. However, with these rights come responsibilities: you are expected to abide by all Federal, State, and local laws. Violation of these laws will be subject to disciplinary action by the Institute and may be referred to the appropriate authorities. By enrolling at IBF, you agree to abide by the Institute’s student conduct regulations. The regulations were adopted to ensure that IBF is able to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. These regulations were not made to deny any of the rights guaranteed as a citizen. Student complaints should be addressed to the Executive Director, Institute of Business & Finance, PO Box 371243, San Diego, CA 92137.

Enrollment Period Extensions

Your enrollment period is for one year. If you are not able to complete all designation requirements within a year, you may purchase a 3-month extension for $40. You may purchase up to four 3-month extensions (4 x 3 = 12 months).


This agreement is a legally binding instrument when signed by the student and accepted by IBF. Your electronic signature on this agreement acknowledges that you have been given reasonable time to read and understand it and that you have been given: (a) a written statement of the refund policy including examples of how it is applied and (b) a catalog or brochure, which you are encouraged to review prior to signing this agreement. These documents contain important policies and data for this institution. Upon receipt by IBF of this agreement, you will be given a copy of it to retain.

Notice Concerning Transferability of Credits and Credentials Earned at our Institution

The transferability of credits you earn at the Institute of Business & Finance is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the credits you earn in the Masters of Science in Financial Services is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the credits, degree or designation that you earn at this institution are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your coursework at that institution. For this reason you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending the Institute of Business & Finance to determine if your credits, degree or designation will transfer.

Buyer's Right to Cancel

Students have the right to cancel their Enrollment Agreement. Cancellation shall occur when student submits a written and signed Notice of Cancellation to Institute of Business & Finance, Institute of Business & Finance, PO Box 371243, San Diego, CA 92137 or via email at The written Notice of Cancellation, if delivered by mail, is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with postage prepaid. Enrollment is non-transferable. IBF shall refund all fees paid if cancellation occurs within five days after enrolling. All materials must be returned to IBF before a refund can be processed*.

You Have a Right to Withdraw and Obtain a Refund

Fees paid, less shipping, miscellaneous fees and non-refundable processing, are refundable within 30 days of enrollment according to the schedule below. If the student cancels or withdraws within five days of enrollment, IBF shall issue a refund within five days after IBF receives notice of withdrawal and materials. Otherwise, IBF shall issue a refund within 30 days after IBF receives notice of withdrawal and materials. *Please note: materials must be returned to IBF in perfect re-sellable condition to be considered for a refund. Materials with markings in them will not be considered for a refund.


Exams Taken


Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3



1/2 (50%)



Example: A student enrolls on the 8th of the month paying $1,365 (which includes the $200 non-refundable processing fee). On the 2nd of the following month, after taking one exam, the student submits a written Notice of Cancellation. The student will receive a refund of $582.50 ($1,365 - $200 = $1,165 * ½ = $582.50).

Agreement & Signature of Student

I understand that this is a legally binding contract. By checking the "Yes, I accept the enrollment agreement" box it certifies that I have read, understood and agreed to my rights and responsibilities and that the institution’s cancellation and refund policies have been clearly explained to me and that all responses in this application are complete and true. If applicable, this digital signature serves as authorization to charge my credit card.